Morningwood Country Club

Morningwood Country Club - $ 50.00

Morningwood Country Club is a WSGA certified, traveling golf club for all golfers and skill levels. We partner with some of the best public courses in the Pacific Northwest to provide our golf community a means to connect and compete against each other in fun events.

Morningwood Country Club was founded and operated by Phillip Horvath who was an avid and passionate golfer.  Sadly he passed away in late 2022.  In his honor the club members decided to keep this club going and continue the friendly competition and comradery that this club was founded on.  While there is no formal schedule we typically get together twice a month for tournaments (formats vary) starting in late March.  This is a social club with fun and friendly competition to keep it interesting.  Tournament entry fees apply and cash payouts vary based on number of players and game formats.

Regular Club Memberships offer all WA Golf benefits, as well as benefits unique to that club. To learn more about this club’s benefits, or visit the club website.

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